- This evening... I was saying... I was saying...
- I'm not a historian.
- Wait... we embraced... we were happy... happy... what do we do now that we're happy... go on waiting... waiting... let me think... it's coming... go on waiting... now that we're happy... let me see... Ah! The tree!
(Enter the ramp from the dike.)
- The tree?
- Do you not remember?
(It slopes down towards the park.)
-I'm tired.
(Halfway down, enter the auditorium.)
- Look at it.
(It slopes in the opposite direction.)
- I see nothing.
(A curtain is drawn, blocking out daylight.)
- But yesterday evening it was all black and bare. And now it's covered with leaves.
(At the bottom, see a projection screen.)
- Leaves?
- In a single night.
(Walk down.)
- It must be the spring.
(Turn the corner.)
- But in a single night!
(Enter the lower hall, facing the park.)
- I tell you we weren't here yesterday. Another of your nightmares.
(It is dark, with a forest of five columns.)
- And where were we yesterday evening according to you?
(To the right, a slender aperture opens for a narrow gallery.)
- How would I know? In another compartment. There's no lack of void.
(Look up.)
- Good. We weren't here yesterday evening. Now what did we do yesterday evening?
(Rediscover the ramp you used to enter. Walk up.)
- Do?
(A glass wall separates the people outside.)
- Try and remember.
(At the top.)
- Do... I suppose we blathered.
(Turn left.)
- About what?
(Enter the second hall. It is bright, with no columns.)
- Oh... this and that I suppose, nothing in particular. Yes, now I remember, yesterday evening we spent blathering about nothing in particular. That's been going on now for half a century.
(Look back.)
- You don't remember any fact, any circumstance?
- Don't torment me, Didi.
(Exit under the balcony.)
- The sun. The moon. Do you not remember?
(See the auditorium, but don't walk that far. Instead, turn and take a third ramp. halfway up, grope through a small dark room.)
- They must have been there, as usual.
(And emerge on a balcony that penetrates the second wall.)
- You didn't notice anything out of the ordinary?
(Return to the ramp, run up, and emerge on the roof. Look down.)
- Alas!
(Spiral back down to the beginning.)
- What was I saying, we could go on from there.
(Exit to the park.)
- What were you saying when?
- At the very beginning.
(Turn the corner.)
- The very beginning of WHAT?
(Pass the restaurant underneath the auditorium.)
- This evening... I was saying... I was saying...
(Keep going.)

© S, M, L, XL O.M.A. Rem Koolhaas and Bruce Mau

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