sitting down (from left to right): Alex, Cristina, VIRGIN MARY & TIM, Léa, Pedro standing up (from left to right): Joe, Stefano, Ruben, Annabelle, Alicia, Eneko, Sara, Loïc, Erica, Christelle, Francesco, EIMEAR.

tim and the virgin mary look like they just had a fight....

virgin mary: tim, i'm pregnant

tim: what?!! that's impossible! you're a virgin!...

virgin mary: not in portugal where 84.5% of the population are Roman Catholic, this kind of thing happens all the time.

tim: well in belgium only 47% of us believe in that so i'm afraid since we are on completely different wavelengths we will have to agree to differ. i will look to my left

virgin mary: and I to my right

tim: FINE!

virgin mary: fine

....they proceed to adhere to said instructions. see picture above.


2 comentários:

rita disse...

Tinhas de estar com essa cara de quem ouve bikini kill desde os 14.
E só uma pessoa poderia estar acima do nível de todas as cabeças.

Tim disse...

so. you almost made me cry. cause i never noticed the 'timmy-friendly' thing on you blog. now i miss you... like... too much. you cruel bitch. i wanna go back to europe. to norway. and listen to sia. together with you. and give you a hug on easter.